PTE examination

PTE examination has some do’s and don’t’s

PTE examination has some do’s and don’t’s which candidate must follow to achieve best results. The examination is a word which brings stress. Candidates prepare themselves very well before going to exam, but still one cannot control his or her anxiety level. How to overcome this is a matter of concern. Small mistakes can create a situation of stress during the examination. This PTE examination is computer-based and this makes the candidate doubtful which further increases error rate. Here are [...]

Cue Card

Cue Card-Tips and Tricks

Tips for Cue – Card Cue Card is one of the most complex tasks which require intensive practice. Task Response, Grammatical accuracy, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation play an integral part in this speaking task. There are different ways to improve Cue Card: 1) Work on the Fluency Non – native English speakers find it difficult to express their views easily and articulately. They must indulge in speaking activities, for instance, joining toastmaster clubs will definitely enhance their skills.2) Expanding the Vocabulary usage Vocabulary, undoubtedly, elevate [...]

Best tips for public speaking

Best tips for making an everlasting impression through Public Speaking

Public speaking is speaking in public. This speech is usually delivered by the person on any topic to audience. These days the importance of public speaking is increasing. A good speaker is always the centre of attraction. Yes, a good speaker is the one who is appreciated and followed. But how can one be a good speaker? This question always strikes our mind before performing this activity. Public speaking is always done for a purpose that includes three main [...]

Preparationof TOEFL Speaking

Best Tips and Strategies for the preparation of TOEFL Speaking

WHAT IS TOEFL SPEAKING? Glance at the task TOEFL speaking lasts for 20 minutes. There are 6 tasks which include independent and integrated task. About Task 1 and Task 2 Task 1 and Task 2 are independent tasks which include speaking on the general topic. The candidate ideas and views should be created for this task. Topics here are related to life or are opinion based. The response here is based on personal experiences and opinion of the candidate. Time allotted for this [...]

IELTS Speaking task

Significance of Body Language & Dressing Sense in IELTS Speaking task

Body language is a non-verbal way of communication which involves people, words, the tone of voice and body movements. These days, many people aver that the body language plays an imperative role in depicting a confident personality. Candidates are often confused whether the speaking task in IELTS will be evaluated on the basis of body language or dressing sense. The answer is ‘NO’; however, one important aspect is ‘How your attitude is during the interview’. If you are thinking that [...]

Tips for interview

Most important things need to be kept in mind while going for an interview..

Interview word is usually a word of tension for everybody. It is a process where a set of different questions are asked to check the capability of the candidate. This can be one to one interaction or a group discussion among the candidates. After the completion of all the rounds, the best candidate is selected. Here are some tips that can help you to be the one who will stand smart in the crowd of competition.Implement the tips and create [...]

Useful tips for learn English

Become a master in English by opting some useful tips and make your communication skill more effective.

Learning English is mandatory and masses all over the world decide to study English as a second language. It plays an indispensable role in every organization, so it is inevitable for people to avoid it fully. English is prevailing all over the world. Go anywhere in the world and you’ll find someone who speaks English. By learning English one can easily communicate with others and it is important to learn because we live in this inter-connected world. It will [...]

5 things about IELTS

5 Things about IELTS that people are most afraid of–how to surmount them.

These days’ myriad exams are being conducted in various institutes, schools, and even organizations. These exams make students nervous and uncomfortable. These tests sometimes undermine the candidate confidence and create panic among them. One such test is of IELTS, which is usually considered as ‘scary’ for non -native English speakers. The modules of IELTS can be intimidating if not handled in an appropriate way. This particular exam is basically used for testing the proficiency of English and not general Knowledge. [...]

Best tips to gain marks in PTE speaking module by enhancing oral fluency and pronunciation

Best tips to gain marks in PTE speaking module by enhancing oral fluency and pronunciation……

Speaking style varies from person to person as different states have a different accent. Everyday usage of English in social and working place creates slang in language which makes the Speaking task difficult in PTE. Due to this reason the native speaker may also find difficult to obtain marks in PTE. The important aspects of speaking are pronunciation and oral fluency which need the proper attention of the candidate. You can definitely increase your score in speaking by polishing [...]

Tips to improve your communication skills in order to refrain from unnecessary errors

Tips to improve your communication skills in order to refrain from unnecessary errors

Tips to improve your communication skills 1. The best way to become fluent in English is to listen, speak, read and write in English as much as possible. Listen a little.Speak a little.Read a little.Write a little. Then, listen a little more.Speak a little more.Read a little more.Write a little more. Do this, till it becomes a habit. 2. Keep a notebook of new words, you learn every day. Use them in sentences, while conversing with people. 3. Don’t translate into English [...]