Importance of Coherence and Cohesion in IELTS Writing Task

Importance of Coherence and Cohesion in IELTS Writing Task

One of the ways to ace IELTS exam is to know how the test is scored as this will help you to increase your band score. Understanding the scoring pattern of the test enables you to recognize the expectation of examiner. You can then focus on those essential things and fetch a good score. One of the significant out of the four criteria on which the IELTS Writing Test Task 2 is scored is Coherence & Cohesion. Coherence & Cohesion holds the [...]

Expressions with faire

Expressions with faire

Faire is an irregular verb which means ‘to do as well as to make.’ While using expressions with verb faire, meaning of the verb changes. Some of the expressions are given below: Quel temps fait-il?                          How is the weather? Il fait beau                                        The weather is fine. Il fait chaud                                      The weather is hot. Il fait froid                        [...]

Practice Fluency isn’t just a speaking skill

Practice – Fluency isn’t just a speaking skill!

Fluency plays an important role in every language. Talking about IELTS, fluency is not just an imperative factor to be considered in the speaking module but it is also important in the other three modules. Following points will elaborate the vital role of fluency in reading, writing and listening. Fluency in Reading         Fluent readers can easily skim and scan the passages. Such readers are usually focused on their task achievement. Hence, this helps them in finding the answers quickly. Furthermore, this [...]

How to improve pronunciation

How to improve your pronunciation

To completely adopt a language, one must be well versed with not just its structure but with its phonetics as well. You’re familiar with the words, the grammar, the written discourse, yet if the only reason you hesitate to speak in that language is due to the fear of incorrect pronunciation; then this blog is for you. Hear how the word is pronounced One way to do so is through internet and media. Play the audio of the word to get [...]

How to ask questions in French

How to ask questions in French : The Definitive Guide

Most of the people find it difficult to frame a question while learning French. Framing a question is an important part of communication. There are different ways in which questions can be framed in the French language. Some of them are discussed in the given article: 1.Any statement can be made into a question. 2. Second form is by using est-ce-que 3. By inverting the verb and the pronoun or changing the order of words in a simple way  Intonation or Changing the pitch [...]

How to use the vocabulary you've learnt

How to use the vocabulary you’ve learnt

You spent a lot of time writing down new words. You spent an equally good time searching their meanings and memorizing them. Now you’re just hoping you’d get a chance to use them; tick tock and you’re off the clock. So what exactly happened? Did the opportunity never came or did you not see it? Perhaps, you never saw those words the way you were supposed to: less fancy and more of a help in a conversation. The words you’ve been writing down [...]

Importance of Tone

The importance of tone

On the IELTS Writing test, one thing that we must consider is tone. In fact, tone is something that is important whether we are communicating in writing or when we are speaking. Using the correct tone helps to ensure our message is received clearly and in the way we intend. Let’s begin by reviewing the different sections of the Academic and General Training IELTS tests: Academic Test Task 1 – a description, summary or explanation of a graph, table, chart or diagram Task [...]

Few mistakes to avoid in IELTS Writing - Welkin Edusolutions

Few Mistakes Which MUST NOT be Done in IELTS Writing

Few common mistakes are observed in IELTS writing test which should not be done. Something This word is not seen in any formal writing and it is considered as an informal word.As writing of Ielts is formal and these things should be avoidable.For instance, One must do something whenever he is free” is informal sentence.“One must do random chores in free time.” is a formal sentence which should be used in IELTS writing. So-so This word is used to describe ordinary things or [...]

Let English Come Naturally to You

If you are reading this blog that means that you have decided to make yourself more familiar with the English language. You must have gone through the basics, – the grammar, sentence structures and rules, done writing exercises, yet this language still feels a little alien to you. The culprit? That little part of your brain doing the constant translation from Hindi to English and vice versa. Using your primary language as a foundation stone to learn any foreign language [...]

idioms in IELTS Exams - Welkin Edusolutions

Using Idioms In IELTS Speaking Test

Use of idioms is one of the major differences between native English speakers and those who learn English as a second language. Idioms can really help to improve your score in the IELTS speaking test but can also result in lowering the score if not used correctly. Before discussing further, let’s have a little talk about the meaning of idioms An idiom is a group of words or phrases that has a meaning which is not clear through the words used. For instance, ‘It’s raining cats and dogs’ means that [...]