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Tips for IELTS Listening

Candidates who want to score good (such as 7-9 bands) in IELTS, feels difficulty in performing this module.One thing you have to keep in mind that the recordings will be played only once. Here are some tips which can help you to improve your IELTS Listening score- Read the questions carefully before answering them. Read the questions carefully before answering. Be a smart listener plus an intelligent reader who knows the demand of the question. But if you don’t get anything and you are not sure [...]

Proficiency in English language


International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an internationally focused test in its content. Like texts and tasks are sourced from publications from all over the English- speaking world, a range of native- speaker accents (North American, Australian, New Zealand British etc.) are used in the listening test, and all standard varieties of English are accepted in test takers’ written or spoken responses. So to be successful in all the components, one must possess good communication skills in English. If you lack in spoken English skills, your chances of working [...]


Prepairing For IELTS; Need To Know These Things First

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most well known English-dialect test for higher-studies; work, with in excess of 2.2 million tests taken every year. IELTS surveys every single English ability — perusing, composing, tuning in and talking — and is intended to reflect genuine utilization of English — at ponder, at work, and at play. The IELTS test is created by a portion of the world’s driving specialists in dialect appraisal. It has a phenomenal [...]

Proficiency in English language

Proficiency in English language -The mantra of success for fruitful future

Introduction English is globally acceptable language and has become mandatory in every field. An individual who is really good at this language can overcome every hurdle and obstruction very easily. This language can act as a great blessing in case of getting jobs and for a fruitful future. Importance of this language 1 Daily Routine Yes, whenever you are thinking to step out from your house, for that purpose you need this language. Whether you are going to a small shop or to [...]

Importance of Body Language - Welkin Institute

Importance of Body Language in the Process of Effective & Efficient Communication

What Is Body Language? As it is rightly said ‘actions speak louder than words’ which means that the way we behave definitely affect our performance. Body language plays an imperative role in the communication process.  The way we sit, the way we approach the other person can have both negative and positive impact. To excel in the field of communication an individual must mind his or her physical actions. Why the Study Of Body Language Important? Our body movements and gestures [...]

Classroom for Everyone

Why IELTS Prep Classes are Necessary?

If you’re planning to take an IELTS test you’ve probably seen a lot of information about IELTS prep classes. Before taking an IELTS exam, it’s important to take IELTS prep classes to prepare for the exam. Below are some reasons that why IELTS classes are imperative: There’s a Class For Everyone In terms of IELTS classes, there are many options. The classes can help you with all of your skills including listening , reading, writing and speaking, and they can also [...]

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Generating idea is the most important process in case of attaining success in any field. It may be an interview or a task given to an individual where ideas and opinions play an imperative role. These days’ success and victory can be achieved by a person who has good thought process and have variations in ideas. Why is the Generation of Ideas Important?   This process is important for the overall development of an individual. Good ideas can be beneficial in every [...]

The importance of effective communication is necessary in achieving productivity.

The importance of effective communication is necessary in achieving productivity.

Sometimes highly organized, sometimes haphazard, communication happens all the time. Improve its quality by being honest, open, and accessible to everybody. It is a process of sending and receiving information among people. Undeniably, communication facilitates the spread of knowledge and forms relationships between people. Effective communication can help to foster a good interaction among people. There are other ways to communicate not only face to face but also by giving information through internet and printed products like; newspaper and [...]

Some helpful advice to learn English

Some helpful advice to learn English for a non-native speaker in order to become fluent in it.

Learning English is mandatory for everyone and people all over the world keen to learn it as a second language. Learning English doesn’t generally need to mean sitting in the classroom and concentrate on precarious sentence structure. There are other ways to learn the English language: 1. Watch English movies: It is difficult to learn a foreign language, so learner should choose an interesting movie. By watching English movies you can easily learn new English words. Try to watch movies with [...]

IELTS Reading tips

Some prolific and fruitful tips to improve your IELTS reading score

1. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY: Candidates usually lose marks because they fail to read the instructions properly. This is true in the reading test because they give very specific instructions. If you don’t follow these instructions exactly, your answer will be considered wrong. 2. WORK ON SCANNING: Scanning is a reading method that helps you to find information faster. While scanning, there is no need to read everything word to word. You just have to focus on the main ideas of [...]