Expressions with faire

Expressions with faire

Faire is an irregular verb which means ‘to do as well as to make.’ While using expressions with verb faire, meaning of the verb changes. Some of the expressions are given below: Quel temps fait-il?                          How is the weather? Il fait beau                                        The weather is fine. Il fait chaud                                      The weather is hot. Il fait froid                        [...]

How to ask questions in French

How to ask questions in French : The Definitive Guide

Most of the people find it difficult to frame a question while learning French. Framing a question is an important part of communication. There are different ways in which questions can be framed in the French language. Some of them are discussed in the given article: 1.Any statement can be made into a question. 2. Second form is by using est-ce-que 3. By inverting the verb and the pronoun or changing the order of words in a simple way  Intonation or Changing the pitch [...]