IELTS Speaking task

Significance of Body Language & Dressing Sense in IELTS Speaking task

Body language is a non-verbal way of communication which involves people, words, the tone of voice and body movements. These days, many people aver that the body language plays an imperative role in depicting a confident personality. Candidates are often confused whether the speaking task in IELTS will be evaluated on the basis of body language or dressing sense. The answer is ‘NO’; however, one important aspect is ‘How your attitude is during the interview’. If you are thinking that [...]

5 things about IELTS

5 Things about IELTS that people are most afraid of–how to surmount them.

These days’ myriad exams are being conducted in various institutes, schools, and even organizations. These exams make students nervous and uncomfortable. These tests sometimes undermine the candidate confidence and create panic among them. One such test is of IELTS, which is usually considered as ‘scary’ for non -native English speakers. The modules of IELTS can be intimidating if not handled in an appropriate way. This particular exam is basically used for testing the proficiency of English and not general Knowledge. [...]

Tips to memorise vocabulary words in IELTS Writing & Speaking

Vocabulary is 25% of marks for IELTS Writing & Speaking. Try to remember vocabulary and implement all those words in order to get good scores. However, learning words can be a difficult aspect; it may take months of practice. Getting familiar with complex words take effort and time. Few tips can help in improving the Vocabulary:  MNEMONIC It is a system such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or association which assists in remembering something. However, this type of techniques can [...]



Before the exam date Prepare yourself by practising all the modules systematically, weeks before the exam. Do not get frustrated during preparation. Remove hesitation by joining the best institute in your local area. Have a good hold in English language, as IELTS evaluates the proficiency of English and not general Knowledge. Get plenty of sleep before the day of examination. Prepare everything you need the night before. During the exam Read all communication from the test center carefully. You may receive the directions or advice on [...]

IELTS Essay writing tips

IELTS Essay Writing Tips

IELTS Essay Writing Tips Essay writing has become prevalent from the last decade; it is about expressing our point of view in words on a certain topic. IELTS writing task(2) includes an essay which has to be written in different styles. Types of essay are: • Agree/Disagree • Discuss two opinions • Advantages and Disadvantages • Causes (reason) and solution • Causes (reasons) and effect • Problem and Solution The task should be done in 40 minutes with around 250-280 words.There are few tips which can improve in [...]



Word Limit: 150-180 Words Time allotted: 20 Minutes Band: 3 IELTS  Academic  Writing task 1 demands to create a summary of at least 150 words in which you need to summarise the required information, compared data, illustrates contrast and trends or narrate a process.One should write more than 150 words but less than 180 words so that extra words work as a shield for the candidate in case of any spelling error and monotony of any single word.Candidate must devote their 20 [...]

Speaking without Freaking

Speaking Without Freaking

Speaking Without Freaking Exam always bring anxiety and feverishness among the majority of students. Nervousness intensifies the situation as students do not realize the importance of being calm and composed. In IELTS exam, a non-native speaker often finds it difficult to interact with the examiner while going through the face to face speaking test. Consequently, in order to reduce this agitation, one needs to be inquisitive about why the fear is there. The few factors which ramble in student’s mind [...]

Letter Writing for IELTS

Letter Writing for IELTS

Letter Writing for IELTS  Letter writing has played an imperative role in the primeval time. Despite of the prevalence of e-mail and text messages, letter writing is still playing a remarkable role in many aspects. Writing letter help in expressing the own notion by hand. In IELTS writing task (General Training), one of the task is letter writing which needs to be done in 20 minutes duration for 150 words. In order to write an effectual letter, one has to understand [...]


How to Improve Your Vocabulary Skills for IELTS

Vocabulary includes the range of words used for certain context at the specific situation. Vocabulary is a core component of language proficiency and provides much of the basis for how well learners speak, listen, read and write. It plays an imperative role in IELTS writing and speaking module. The more uncommon words the candidates use the chances of scoring better band increases. Apart from the important tools like grammar, punctuation, pronunciation, the examiner analyze the vocabulary skill of a candidate. [...]

IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking

Confidence, Candour, and Consistent practice are required for a non-native speaker for understanding any explicit language.English is such language which needs all these conventions.’IELTS Speaking’ English is a recognized language which plays a prominent role in the globalization. Usage of this language helps in better communication around the world. Due to lack of knowledge and complex rules of grammar, the non-native speakers often find it difficult to interface with native speakers.The subtle and impressive way of speaking can be acquired [...]