How to ask questions in French : The Definitive Guide

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Most of the people find it difficult to frame a question while learning French. Framing a question is an important part of communication. There are different ways in which questions can be framed in the French language.

Some of them are discussed in the given article:

1.Any statement can be made into a question.

2. Second form is by using est-ce-que

3. By inverting the verb and the pronoun or changing the order of words in a simple way

 Intonation or Changing the pitch of your sentence-

This form of framing question is the simplest one in French. In other words, one can say that any sentence can be made into a question by changing the pitch of your voice. Below are some examples in French :

(1)   Vous aimez la France.       You like France.

The above statement can be changed into question by inserting a question mark at the end of the above statement.

Vous  aimez la France?            Do you like France?

(2)   Nous aimons les fruits.    We like fruits.

Nous aimons les fruits?            Do we like fruits?

(3)   Elle a une belle robe?       Does she has a beautiful dress?

Est-ce que  or adding the above question word  before an affirmative or negative sentence

(1) Est-ce que vous aimez les fruits?                 Do you like fruits?

(2)   Est-ce que  vous aimez le football?           Do you like football?

(3)   Est-ce qu’elle a une belle robe?                 Does she has a beautiful dress

 Inversion or Changing the order of a sentence

This form of interrogation can be made if we invert the verb and pronoun and insert a hypen in between the verb and pronoun.

(1)    Avez-vous un stylo noir?    Do you have a black pen?

(2)   A-t- elle  une belle robe?  Does she has a beautiful dress?

In the above example, while inverting the sentence, if the sentence starts with a vowel and subject pronoun also starts with a vowel then both vowels cannot come together and –t is to be inserted between verb and subject pronoun.

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